Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun is hosted by Adrienne Reiter and Keri Schroeder.

Adrienne is a social media specialist and author. She writes mystery, speculative fiction, and literary fiction. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Mills College and an MFA in Creative Writing from California Institute of Integral Studies. Adrienne is interested in true crime and the paranormal, and lives in San Francisco with her bad dog, Peaches.

Visit Adrienne's website at adriennereiter.com, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @adriennereiter

Keri is an artist, writer, and podcast fanatic based out of the East Bay Area, California. She is simultaneously fascinated and terrified of all things paranormal. Keri holds a BA in Art History and German, and an MFA in Book Art and Creative Writing. She also hosts a book arts podcast called Books in the Wild 

Visit Keri's website at kerischroeder.com, shop at coyotebonespress.etsy.com and follow her on Instagram @coyoteboneskeri

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