29: Ancestral Ritual Part 2 By Adrienne Reiter

July 18th, 2019

Keri Schroeder's been busy pounding pavement for her art exhibitions and collaborations. Adrienne Reiter's been traveling for work writing across the globe. Now that Keri's almost done with her far away artist-in-residency and Adrienne's back home from Japan, the Ghouls are back! 

Tonight we have the second installment of Adrienne Reiter's H.P. Lovecraft inspired short story, Ancestral Ritual. Ever wonder what calls you back to your roots? Can you resist the call even when it's dark and foreboding?

We're excited about the upcoming podcasts involving a handful involving a handful of fresh new paranormal research topics and adventures. Don't miss tomorrow's episode on the haunted lakes and hotels Adrienne visited in Japan!

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